• Rara Lake Tour Via Scorpio

Rara Lake Tour Via Scorpio. Transports in Nepal offer Rara lake tour via Scorpio which is now most popular tour among Nepalese and foreigners. Rara Lake is one of spectacular lake tour in Nepal and is known as hidden Himalaya treasure of Nepal. Rara is the largest and astonishingly beautiful lake of Nepal located at the heart of Rara National Park. Rara Bas to Rara Lake Tour is the great introduction to Lake Rara and Rara National Park. The lake is spread over the area of 10.4 sq km with maximum depth of 167m.


Rara National Park encompassing the Lake shelters unique floral and faunal species. This park was established in 1976 to encourage the eco-tourism and protect its fragile environment from adverse human activities. Rara Lake Tour have been delightful journey for botanist, nature lover and bird watcher alike. The surreal beauty and grandeur of the lake has been widely known to touch a tender chord of every travelers. After getting used to at the rugged landscapes, Rara comes as a great relief. Apart from the experience of the coniferous forest and alpine meadows, travelers will also get experience the highest human settlements of the world. Rara Bas to Rara Lake Tour is therefore the most suitable trekking for both adventure and cultural enthusiast.

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